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Company Overview

Company Overview

Recycle & Composting Equipment P/L (RCE) are suppliers of Composting Equipment, Flail & Disc Mowers, Sandbaggers, Mini Crushers and small Waste Grinders.  These are not cheap Australian copies, they are the real thing.


Today’s solutions to tomorrows waste.  Sell the real deal.
With superior products at better prices that will work for you.

Recycle & Composting Equipment P/L is now under NEW OWNERSHIP under the direction of  Wayne Pickworth, who was originally  involved with the start up of the company along with his father in 2000.  Colin has now been retired from all of RCE’s operations and management decisions and enjoying the grey hair nomad lifestyle.  Wayne rejoined the company in 2011 and took control in April 2012 to expand the business, its market share and its reputation.


RCE has an ever growing amount of products that are sourced from the original manufacturers around the world that have years (in most cases over 25 to 30 years) of research and development into their products.  We do not make copies of other companies’ products or reproduce them as Australian made in order to make money.  We care about the customer and will only sell equipment that is proven in the market and will produce the end result that is required by the industry and the customer.  Ask your Compost Turner seller for their history to insure you are not just getting a copy of someone else’s hard work.

RCE imports the equipment as required by orders.  Sorry we do not carry stock in Australia, as to do so will increase the running costs for the company, which in turn would have a flow-on effect to our buyers.  Delivery times in most instances is around 6 to 8 weeks, this may vary if machines are not in stock or need to be custom built to suit customers requirements.

RCE was established in 2000 to supply the Green Waste Industry with a way of reusing, recycling and composting the Green Waste into a product that can be used as a safer and greener end product for today’s markets.  We don’t just have the equipment, we can assist in giving you the” how to produce” with the ever changing world.  We also have a great and ever expanding network of people in the industry that will also help you with producing and ongoing management of your products.


Recycle & Composting Equipment can supply machinery to assist in converting waste water, livestock manure and mortalities, land clearing and building and construction waste into reusable eco friendly by-products such as compost, mulch, road base, new animal bedding and Composted Animal bedding, all these are ways to save you money and the environment in the long run.

It is our aim to keep the Australian, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific Region in touch with the latest developments and technologies being offered worldwide.  Establish in Feb 2000 RCE can offer our customers a great variety of products of the highest quality from forward leaders in the Waste Industry the world over.

We can offer you the best the world has to offer such as: The SANDBAGGER Corp, RED RHINO Mini Crushers, US MOWERS, PRO MAC Manufacturing Ltd, SITTLER TURNER, SLASHBUSTER, SCREENS USA and BROWN BEAR Corp .

Our comprehensive and diverse range of products will cater for all of your composting and recycling needs see category list below:


Lawn Mowers, Boom Mowers, Flail Mowers, Tractor Boom Mowers, Hydraulic Mowers, Skid steer Mowers, Excavator mower.

See the complete range here


Compost spreaders, Lime spreaders, Rear shooters, Trommel Screener, Bagging machines and Combo Units.

See the range here


Brown Bear Compost Turners, Aerators and Mulchers either PTO tow behind or front mounted, Compost Turners for your tractor or skid steer we have a unit that will fit most tool carriers.

See the complete range here


Gravity and Hydraulic Sand Baggers, Gravity Feed Bagger, Flood Control, Pipe Lines, Building and Road Construction.

These Hyd units will handle over 1600 bags per hour and even really wet sand. No shovels required with the MA II model.

See the complete range here


Excavator mower, Lawn Mowers, Boom Mowers, Flail Mowers, Tractor Boom Mowers, Hydraulic Mowers, Skid steer Mowers.

BETTER BUILT DESIGN expresses US Mower’s commitment to bringing the best industrial, forestry and roadside mowing equipment to the market. In 1997 US Mower began manufacturing state of the art hydraulic boom mowers in Burlington, Washington, USA for roadside mowing. In 1999 US Mower began manufacturing industrial shredder flails and rotary cutter heads for the skid steer market and expanded the line in 2003 to include heads to fit mini-excavators to large frame excavators/backhoes ranging up to 40 tonne.

See the complete range here

SITTLER PTO Tow Behind Windrow Turners

These are the real thing, Made and Imported from the original manufacturer in Canada where all the research and development has been done for over 35 years, so you get the machine that works, not the machine that has been copied and they have not done the research or development. These are not the Australian copies these are from the real designers and manufacturer. RCE are the Sole Australian Dealer for SITTLER made by GLOBAL REPAIR in Canada. SITTLER Products range from Compost Turners, spreaders, Lime spreaders Rear shooters, Trommel Screeners and Bagging units plus Trommel and Bagging Combos.

See the range here



Where quality, reliability and performance comes as standard

What can we do for your business?— Save you money on landfill and haul away costs.  Convert a cost to your business, to earning you money.Become greener and Save valuable and precious landfill space — Win more business and become profitable on demolition, construction and maintenance projects.

See the complete range of Red Rhinos here


Pro Mac manufactures rotary Brushcutter heads for the forest industry, municipal highway, and road maintenance authorities.
We manufacture and ship two types of brushcutter heads:

Horizontal Flail Shaft Units, Rotary Brushcutters and Mulchers.

See the range here

Sundance Grinders has been dedicated to providing our clients with efficient and effective grinding solutions since 1978.  Sundance started off developing PTO tub grinders, and chippers for the agriculture industries, and over the decades our products have slowly evolved into the portable horizontal grinder we know today. As our product evolved, so has the niche we cater to. Sundance has always tried to be at the forefront of this evolution by staying close to our customers, and listening to their suggestions. This has allowed our unique grinding system to be fine-tuned over the years, to provide one of the finest grinds on the market.

See more here




  • Now with a 74 Kw/ 99 Hp Kubota V3 Turbocharged-Liquid cooled Diesel Engine
  •  12 Months factory backed Kubota Warranty
  • Grinds material with a moisture content of as much as 70%
  •  Grinds fibrous and stringy material with ease
  •  Screen-less design eliminates the hassle of clogging screens
  •  Adjustable particle size for a finer grind
  •  Easy access panel to rotor, and discharge chute
  •  Utilizes a dependable grinding system
  •  Material is fed using a unique RAM in-feed system
  •  Reduce daily tipping fees
  •  Production capacity of up to 20 tons per hour
  •  Convenient curbside loading
  •  Easy loading with a small loader or grapple

  •  Horizontal design creates a safe loading     environment
  •  Automated design allows for a single operator
  •  Versatile size allows for easy towing
  •  Bridges the gap between a chipper & grinder
  •  Composting
  •  Animal Bedding & Feed Production
  •  Wood Waste Reduction (Mulch)
  •  C&D Recycling & Reduction
  •  Pallet Grinding
  •  Shingle Recycling
  •  Landscaping & Yard Waste
  •  EFB Processing
  •  Construction & Demolition



• Composting Operations
• Small to Medium Municipalities
• Arborists
• Landscaping
• Nurseries
• Agriculture
• Animal Bedding & Feed Companies
• Forestry Department
• Construction & Demolition

Production Capacity

  • Typical Yard Waste – up to 18.2-20.3 tonnes per hour
  • Wood Waste – up to 6.6-7.1 tonnes per hour
  • Wood Grinding Diameter Up to 8″ / 200 mm
  • Feed Roll Speed – 0-30 rpm
  • Discharge Distance – Up to 25′ / 7.6 m
  • Discharge Direction – 180 degrees



Brush Cutters

From land clearing equipment to right-of-way vegetation management   brush cutter models are available to suit your application and excavator size from 3 to 30 tonne.

Stump Grinders

Grind stumps with your backhoe or excavator. Guide cones help prevent stalls, making the stump grinder easier to use and ideally suited to equipment rental yards.


Mix solid materials such as mulches or aggregates, or incorporate material into a slurry for remediation applications. Our excavator mounted stirrer   can be modified to meet your needs.

Visit website to see videos and more information Here                                                                                                                                                              Check out the videos, see what the slashbuster can do to a mini van.


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Sandbaggers come in a variety of sizes, the MA II is the 4 chute, Hyd model with a small Honda petrol motor to power the Hyd drive for the Agitator and Arguer that keep the wet sand flowing. The Gravity Feed styles come in 2 & 4 chute with a safety ladder which has a platform to stand on and a safe rail across the back to help prevent the person on the platform from falling backwards if they over step.

Some of our satisfied customers around the world with The Sandbagger include: Brisbane City Council 4 units involving the SES, Ipswich City Council / SES Ipswich, Gatton SES Social Club Inc / Lockyer Valley Regional Council, Laidley Flood Committee C/O Laidley Lions Club & Laidley SES, Redland City Council, a number of  WA mining companies, United States Air Force, United States National Guard, US Army Corps of Engineers, United States Marines, United States Navy, Alabama & US Federal Emergency Management Agency, Canadian National Defense Forces, Louisiana  State Police,  United States Coast Guard, Euro NATO Training Center, Northern Pipeline, Cities of Chicago & Los Angeles,  Boeing, Oakland International Airport, Bureau of Reclamation, Defense Forces around the world including British, Irish, Japan and the Smithsonian Washington DC & many more countries and companies all over the world. Italy, Scotland, Wales and Great Britain are just a few of the countries who have these Hyd MA II in their  Military Equipment Supplies.  These are used to assist the public in times of needs but are also used to rebuild roads, retaining walls and even safety bunker for their personal.



The Sandbagger Model II with Motorized Auger is an automated sandbag-filling system used to fill four (4) sandbags simultaneously.

It requires four (4) people to fill sandbags and one (1) person to operate the front-end loader to keep the 2 cubic yard hopper full.

This unit is capable of filling at least 1600 bags per hour using unskilled labor.

It is also lightweight and truck-portable. Optional towing package available.

This Sandbagger is equipped with a hydraulic driven bi-directional auger and agitator to keep wet materials flowing.

This machine comes with a sandbag filling machine to include four stations, a safety grid, a safety shield, auger and agitator, gas engine and hydraulic motor.

Handle wet sand and will produce above 1600 bags per hour (bag size variable).


     YouTube Op’s & Safety                         Video Sandbagger – Model MA Motorised.









Why wait till the waters are at the doors or when you have a problem with your pipe shifting or even rolling away. Keep your supply of Sand bags on standby with the Sandbagger.

With the self contained power unit you can move the bagger to where you need it & produce in large quantities, over 1600 sand bags an hour are possible with this unit. The gravity type units can be supplied in both the 4 chute and 2 chute baggers. 4 chutes gravity-fed can bag 700 to 900 bags per hour and the 2 chutes gravity-fed model will fill 400-500 bags per hour, depending on the material and manpower.

Most locally made machines will only produce around the 200 bags per hour and when your property is about to be flooded.  What machine would you prefer to have outside trying to save you?

The operator simply presses a foot pedal to activate the flow of sand into the bag and then releases the foot pedal to stop the flow. This equipment is self-contained, lightweight, and transportable in a pickup truck bed. A ladder is provided to manually probe the material in the hopper when necessary with the gravity units. Optional towing package available.

RCE has donated thousands of sandbags over the years to different State Emergency Services & Councils to assist with their flood prevention work.

In the USA City of Chicago two Fire Station had a competition to see which station house could produce the most filled sand bags in one hour. Both had a team of ten, nine to fill the bags and one to operate the skid steer loader to keep the sand flowing. Both fire houses filled over 2300 bags within the one hour time period.



Recycle & Composting Equipment offer our customers a great variety of products from some of the strongest manufacturers in the Waste Industry the world over. We want to offer you the best the world has to offer. 

Feel free to visit Suppliers web sites for more detailed information and specs.

SITTLER by GLOBAL REPAIR. Tow behind Windrow Turner & Screeners, Canada, provides compost equipment for nutrient recovery, bioremediation and soil regeneration. Trommel Screeners, Spreaders, Compost Baggers and Trommel Bagger Combos.

The Sandbagger Corp. USA. The Sandbagger Corporation has provided state of the art bagging machines to many different industries around the world. The Sandbagger MA II can handle WET SAND and produce over 1600 bags per hour.

Red Rhino Mini Crushers. Red Rhino Crushers are manufactured in the UK using the best quality materials and skilled labour. We believe that by controlling the quality of the inputs into the product, the quality of the product produced will stand up to the day to day rigours of the crushing industry.  Our products are built to last.  These units may not be big but they can do a MIGHTY job.

US Mowers. Flail & Disc Mowers. USA. BETTER BUILT DESIGN expresses US Mower’s commitment to bringing the best industrial, forestry and roadside mowing equipment to the market.  Excavator Flail Mowers, Skid Steer Mowers and Tractor Boom Arm Mowers.

PRO MAC Manufacturing Ltd. Flail and Disc Mowers, USA. Pro Mac manufactures Rotary Top Brushcutter Heads for the forest industry, municipal highway, and road maintenance authorities.

BROWN BEAR CORP. Hyd & PTO Aerators / Turners and Back fillers. USAis a privately held manufacturing company that builds sustainable products for the environmental, pipeline, and utility industries.

SUNDANCE KID III GRINDERS. For over 30 years Sundance Grinders has looked to address the needs of small to medium sized biomass and recycling operations by supplying a portable, dependable, and affordable solution for their grinding needs.

SLASHBUSTER. Brush Cutters & Stump Grinders. USAThe D&M team strives to maintain its global dominance in the mechanical vegetation management trade.

DYNAMIC Manufacturing Corp. Tub & Horizontal Grinders, Cone & Discone Chippers. USA. Dynamic is in the business of designing and producing specialized machinery for a variety of niche markets.




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